Thursday, April 5, 2012

Christians suck

It's the third time my parents invite Christians from Madrid to have lunch in my house in the Holy week.

This time a shitty marriage came, and I hated them since the very first second. The guy was ugly as crap. The girl had the hability to make her husband look handsome. Her face and body were so disgusting I felt bad no just for her but for Spain, Europe and humanity.

Their personality was very Christian, they seemed kind and gently but they were really idiots. Exaggerated laughters at every single stupid thing my father said, really boring anecdotes and really boring lifes.

Christians are too proud of their God, they love him, they would suck his dick all day long if he actually existed. They have the need to talk about how great he is all the time. And this marriage did, they told me about how amazing is God "When the Pope came to Spain the weather was wild, there was a really strong wind and it blew up some roofs, but no one was injured. It was a miracle!" Said the ugliest woman I've seen in years. "It's a miracle you know how to breathe with that fucked up brain of yours" Thought the idiot who's writing this blog.

She said grace after I started eating and she looked upset. In my house, she was upset because I started eating before she thanked some being in the skies for the food my parents were feeding her.

As usual, my father gave them a lot of licor and wine and at some point they got drunk. Then they insisted me in going to the church and they also started telling the worst jokes I have ever heard. If heaven does exist, I don't doubt is a great place, but I'm sure is not a funny one.

I didn't eat much, the meal was fish because Christians can't eat meat in the holy week, which is something that really amazes me. If I was Jesus, I wouldn't give a fuck if they eat some chicken in the holy week, but I guess Jesus is some insecure piece of shit and he gets pissed if they dare to eat some flesh. Since I'm not a big fan of fish, I just stared to infinity waiting for the oportunity to leave the table as soon as possible. They kept talking about the Pope and how cool the guy is. We were five people on that table, me and four Christians, for the things I heard I bet the four of them would suck the Pope's cock very happily, and that's why Christians suck.