Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Primitive man, thanks

We owe so much to those guys we can’t even imagine. Have you ever seen a documentary about the prehistory? They had to make huge sacrifices to preserve our specie, and I don’t think we are being grateful enough.

Women thousands of years ago were very hairy, I mean, insane eyebrows, beard, hairy legs, arms, armpits… When I take a look at them, they don’t seem to me like people who smelled good. Then they had yellow teeth, or they were just toothless. Having showers weren’t a common thing. They were strong, ugly, aggressive… let’s face it, they were dirty males with vaginas, and our ancestors had to and did in fact bang them. I bet it wasn’t a pleasant thing to do, but they did it because they had balls and because they cared about us.

Now, we are just here with all these gorgeous girls, enjoying how beautiful they are, how good they smell, white teeth, tiny eyebrows, thin, shaved… and I think we should invent already a time machine so we could send some of our beautiful girls to the primitive for their enjoyment, I think they deserve it. It would be a good way of saying: Primitive man, thanks

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  1. Anonymous6/4/11

    You really think primitive men would fall for dumb barbie dolls? In those time barbie dolls did not survive a day, that is why there weren't any... And did you ever stop to think about the benefits of toothless women?