Monday, March 28, 2011

The Justin Bieber situation

Do you remember when you were 15? Imagine that in that period you start singing, putting your videos singing in the Youtube, people start watching them, a lot of people, and then, at some point, you become the most famous singer in the world. What would be the problem? What’s your fault?

Lately everywhere I go where someone is talking about this Justin Bieber guy, all I can detect is hate, I mean, hate, really hate, and I find that really funny, hilarious.

Someone - Justin Bieber is so fucking gay I hope he dies

Me - Oh, Why’s that?

Someone - Mmm… Justin Bieber is so fucking gay I hope he dies… Don’t tell me you like him? You’ll be a fag if you did!

Me - I just listened to one of his songs, he’s not Beethoven, but tolerable

Then I almost got kicked by that person, a eighty year old woman she was. Other day I was in a bar with some people, Mtv or some bullshit channel like it was on, then our friend Justin appeared, and people started complaining, they were very disgust, they were full of hate. I was really impressed

When I arrived home I googled him, the song I knew of him, had like 500 millions views, that seem to be a lot. I saw the like button; ¾ of the people had voted for dislike. Then I started reading the comments:


Justin Bieber is a gay man who finds the powerful

They want us to see his film they can try and convert us into their sick and twisted belieber cult. Fuck that!


..... I wouldnt see that movie if i got paid 50 bucks

More than 4 million comments, comments fall there like rain here in Galicia (that means a lot) So, is obvious this teenager is just a product, a mark, like Nike, Coca-Cola or whatever shit, he is all over, a lot of promotion, a lot of lovers and maybe more haters, and I just don’t get it. People don’t hate Coca-Cola for being all over the place, have a lot of commercials and even have controversies in countries of the third world where they opened factories. Why do people hate this boy? Honestly, I don’t give a shit, either you love him or hate him I think you’re stupid. He is just a regular adolescent with a regular voice who some company started selling as an Icon, like they always do.

How easy is to hate a boy instead of other things, instead of face your meaningless existence, people is usually more demanding with others than with themselves. If you want to waste your time hating people you don’t know or won’t know, hate the people who sell you the boy, not the boy. Condemn the sin, not the sinner, because maybe, some day, someone with his head twisted will kill the boy, and then we all will be putting our hands on our heads, not the company though, they will keep selling the icon and making a fortune out of the boy, show must go on.

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