Saturday, September 18, 2010

Things I did not know

When I lived in my home town and just related with my friends of the neighbourhood, gypsies, bums, Portuguese’s sailors living in their ships, illegal Africans or the other Galician people of the city. I used to think I was a genius, that I knew everything about everything.

But when I started travelling, to meet other styles of life and a lot of different people, I understood I was and I am really ignorant. I was living in a bubble, sadly that happens to a lot of people, the problem is not everybody realizes it and just think they know everything about everything. Just in case you are an ignorant like me. I want to share some knowledge with you that I have learned a bit ago. These are some things that I didn’t know:

1/ Hens don’t need to be fucked by cocks to have eggs, eggs are hen’s menstruation (Living in the country has given me a lot of knowledge hasn’t it?)

2/ The constellations are different depending of the hemisphere you are in. In the hemisphere south they can’t see the Ursa Major or the Usra Minor because they don’t exist in there (So girls, if you go to some country below the equator and some dude starts telling you about the Ursas just know he is full of shit)

3/ Comoros, Djibouti, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Palau, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Tuvalu and Vanuatu are real countries (I think I’m going to them Would you?)

4/ There are independentce movements in Texas, they want their own country (I don’t see what the problem is for the other 49 States)

5/ If you sing or talk to a cow she would give you better milk because that takes away their stress (Watching old women singing and talking to their cows gives me stress)

6/ Writing agressive comments in blogs or newspapers is the best substitute of sex (Masturbation still works though)

7/ There are a level of Gothic people where they go to a cemetery, look for someone’s grave and sleep the night over it to get an advice of that particular person. And they have top graves; some people’s graves are better than others according to them (Don’t ask me why I know that please, but my back is killing me)

8/ There is a place around Siberia where in one mile you are in a day and in the next mile you are one day and 23 hours ahead (I have never understood why we have different times though Why don’t have the same hour in the whole world? I don’t give a shit if my 3am for example is full of sunshine)

9/ The poorest billion people on earth create as much negative environmental impact as the richest billion (The difference is the first billion do it for fun and the second billion to survive)

10/ There are countries where everyone knows who the mafiosos are and everyone knows who the corrupt politicians are but there are no laws to stop them (That is funny for me, and that’s why I’m going to live in Kosovo for awhile)

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