Monday, July 12, 2010

Things I am ashamed of

Everybody has secrets, everybody is hiding something from his friends, relatives or partners. That is perfectly normal, people are insecure and we need to pretend we are like everybody else even though all of us are different. I have to say I am tired of that. I want to get out the closet and confess my secrets. These are things I am ashamed of:

1/ One day I was at home and they broadcasted Hanna Montana’s movie on my TV. I watched it and even liked it (Almost cried when she sang: The climb in front of her family and fans being just Miley)

2/ I listen to Taylor Swift’s music sometimes (She is very relatable…)

3/ I have to shit in the airports because I get nervous before flying (US airports are the best to shit, but the greatest restrooms have always been in the museums, try it and you’ll find out what real cleanliness is)

4/ I don’t like American Football, I watched at the stadium the match with most scoring in playoff history and I was pretty bored the whole time (The extra time was just a tragedy for me)

5/ I type just using two fingers (I usually do a lot of things using two fingers ladies...)

6/ This blog (Thanks God it is anonymous)

7/ I prefer very bad movies than very good movies because they amuse me more (The guy who made the Sixth sense is gradually becoming my hero)

8/ I prefer black women than whites, I find way more attractive blacks than whites (Black women don’t find me attractive, I don’t fulfil their expectations according to them)

9/ I had to babysit a two year old girl once and she managed me like twenty-year-olds do (She just realized she was smarter than me and used that to her benefit to eat all the ice cream, M&Ms and chocolate she wanted)

10/ I usually use the bidet (That’s the reason why I came back to Spain)

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