Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Reasons why my teacher doesn´t answer my mails‏

She appeared to be an average almost hot woman with some intelligence. We flirted in some weird ways even though we were surrounded by peculiar Indians and traditional Mexicans. Honestly I think I was the only normal person in that academy and I´m very far from normality.

When I told her I was leaving her country she told me that she was coming to Spain in May and she made an emphasis on seeing each other and grabbing some beers. I found that interesting. If I go out to drink with her thousands of miles away from the place we met, after a couple beers wild dirty sex might arrive. So I gave her my personal information, I wrote it in my English notebook and tore it out. She gave me her Office of the attorney general´s card and she hugged me. I didn´t know how that kind of things work yet so I patted her back with my hand three or four times. I read her card and found out that besides working as a teacher, she works as a constituent services manager. I´m a unemployed without money and studies, but I still thought I had a chance to tap her ass

After shooting a video for the English academy where I made a fool of my self and gave some free publicity to the place, I was ready to leave on my bike, but she was still there, I thought she was waiting for me, she asked me to mail her three times. I acted like I didn´t know if I would. I mailed her next day:

Hey teacher

How are you? I'm just here thinking about how stupid I am for didn't tell you that I'm going to be here another week, just in case you want to have a coffee or something. I guess I would like to get to know you a little better. I don't know how serious was that of see me in Spain, but I think it would be a bit weird if we do that and I don't tell you that I'm still here now. So if you have time and you want let me know and I'll bother you again


I waited for two days for a response, I started thinking my mail sucked, but she answers friday morning:


How are you?

Glad you're still in town! Let me know your plans this weekend and
maybe we can grab coffee or a drink.

Even though she didn´t look very excited in her mail I thought my chances had just multiplied. I was leaving that Friday to the Grand Canyon, I was going to be out the whole weekend. I decided to wait to answer and play the interesting busy guy, when of course I´m not. I emailed her back on Sunday night:


I'm sorry I went to the grand canyon this weekend and couldn't check my mail. I'm leaving next saturday, believed or not during the week I take care of a two year old girl at mornings, but then I don't have much to do. I go around on a bike so I can't go too far... I think you are a busy girl for some reason but if you have time let me know, if you can't is not a problem, I'll see you in Spain

I waited for her response for a week but it didn´t arrive, I left the States but her mail didn´t show up, after a week in Spain I decided to end with any kind of pride in me and mail her again, I was approaching the stalker zone, I knew that and I emailed her anyway. The classic mail that tries to say that I don´t give a fuck she didn´t answer me:


How is it going? I didn´t get news from you. I hope everything is ok

She didn´t respond to this email either. These are my reasons why she isn´t answering my mails:

1/ She loves me, she is really scared of her feelings, she´s just fighting against her heart convincing herself I´m too much for her and I will hurt her (She´s right almost about everything)

2/ She fell in love with me, she thinks she is not ready to give in to me, she is actually a virgin, she wants to marry me, she´s afraid to put that straight (She´s clearly unstable, I´d marry her though)

3/ She has strong feelings for me, she thinks I´m the most handsome guy she has ever seen, she really likes me, but she is into the no sex with students policy (I understand, I shared class with the Mexicans and Indians)

4/ She doesn´t have an internet conection, she only can mail people when she goes to the library (She never goes to the library)

5/ She has internet conection, she is reading my mails, she wanted to fuck me, she is a whore, she fucked every cool, average and nerd guy in college. She noticed that I lyed to her in my response and she just decided to fuck some other random guy in stead (I´m a whore too but my hand will take care of me this time)

6/ She is confused, she just was being polite to one of her students, she was up for going out with friends and meeting me somewhere with my friends, but that was it (I don´t have friends, I spent my time with a forty year old couple and their superhuman children)

7/ My English is worse than I think, I just scared her with my language, she thinks I want to rape her (She is not 100% wrong)

8/ She is afraid, she just gave me her card because I gave her mine, she doesn´t want to ever see me again. I´m just a weird Spaniard missing a tooth who is ugly and acts like he is the most handsome guy in earth. She is hoping my mailing habit ends (Oops, didn´t see that coming)

9/ She has a boyfriend, she is in a serious relationship, she is a serious person with two serious jobs who lives with a serious guy with two serious jobs. She gave me her personal information by mistake, she couldn´t help it, she didn´t want to be rude with one of her students, she regrets that. She doesn´t know what to do, my mails concern her, she consulted with her boyfriend and they are calling the police (I still think that I have a little chance with her)

10/ She is married, happily. She changed her mail as soon as she arrived home after exchanging her personal information with me, she can´t believe that I tried to ask her out, she thinks she is way out of my league (The bitch is right)

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