Sunday, May 30, 2010

Reasons why I´m still writing this blog

Nobody but some weird guy is reading my blog so far. That’s a fact, you can check it. Nobody is reading this master piece I like to call it my blog. Of course this is something I expected from the beginning. I’m talentless. I’m not funny. I just make jokes about sex and racism due to my absence of creativity and of course my English is nothing but awful. My experiences stink and my way of telling them make them even worse.

So…Why would someone in his mind keep writing a bad blog that nobody is reading, you may ask? To be honest I don’t think I’m completely in my mind I may respond. But the only truth is that I still writing this secret private blog nobody bother to read. These are some reasons why I still writing this blog:

1/ I live in a small isolated village full of chickens, goats, cows and old people without women or any else distraction and I don’t have much to do but writing (Sure you do)

2/ I need to keep improving my English so I have to keep writing this blog (I’m not writing shit, my American cousin is doing everything for me)

3/ I keep writing it because I’m amusing myself (That’s my way of understanding life, do everything for and by myself)

4/ I wanted to quit, but since I have one follower I decided that he owes my loyalty and I should keep writing for him (Have only a follower scares the hell out of me. Stop following me you weird mother fucker!)

5/ My psychologist, my psychiatry and my fortune-teller concord that keep writing my miseries is the best I can do right now (Not that bizarre since they are the same person)

6/ Writing is better than stare at goats (Writing while staring at goats is better than writing or staring at goats)

7/ Writing this blog is the closest thing to sex I’m having (Yes…)

8/ I have to keep writing or I will end up fucking farm’s animals again (Rabbits are the best, chickens passable, avoid goats, cows or horses… They just don’t care about anybody else’s feelings)

9/ I have to keep writing or I will end up fucking old country people again (Farmers are the best, peasants passable, avoid shepherdess, big moustache’s grandmas or shepherdess grandmas with big moustaches)

10/ Is writing this blog or starting a serial killer career (I can combine both)

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