Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Everybody has that person

Have you ever met someone for the first time in a party, a dinner or whatever and you guys talked about some subject, but only one subject and then split? Then have you ever seen that very same person a few weeks later and had the same exactly conversation about the very same subject? And a couple months later have you ever found that person again and talked again about the same subject? Of course you have, everybody has that person.

It's weird, because the first time you think you go along with that person "we really had some talking there" you may think. The second time when you have the same conversation you start thinking something is going wrong. The third time you realized you guys are stuck in that subject, you realized you guys only talk about the same thing on and on and everytime you guys try to change the subject uncomfortables silences appear.

And that situation is forever, you can't change that, it's impossible. Everytime you see that person you are going to be so uncomfortable that no matter how hard you force yourself to not to, you will end bringing up the subject you guys always talk about. And that subject is usually boring and stupid, maybe you talk about how good Lebron is, maybe about how horrible is that guy's job, or maybe the subject is just about the wheather. My advice is simple: Start studing about weather, the guy's job or Lebron, because you are going to talk about that with that person forever

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  1. Anonymous10/11/10

    This is actually a psychological phenomenon called association my friend. When these annoying people see you a part of their brain is activated that recalls their last encounter with you. Unfortunately, some people have the memory disk damaged and don't recall the actual content of past conversation, leaving them susceptible to repetition. You just have to feel for these people, they are damaged beyond repair...