Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Money buys happiness

I think it does, I know it's really cool saying: "No, money doesn't buy happinnes, love and friendship does" And that's true, if you have millions of dollars more millions of dollars won't make you happier, but we know that's not the point.

I think that if you have millions you can buy time, and time gives happiness. Would you spent hours in your office if you could spent them with your children? Would you be happier travelling the globe going wherever you want to or going to sleep early because your boss doesn't tolerate delays? If you mix time with money you have the happiness' recipe.

Of course your mother, son or friend can die, of course you can waste your life due to the amount of free time, but that is only because if you mix time, money and stupidity you have the unhappiness' recipe. Where are you reading this pal? In your office or wherever you wanted to be? You can keep saying that money doesn't buy everything, but according to how the world is ruled, so far it does.

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