Friday, November 5, 2010

Suicidal people have a lot of merit

When someone commits suidicide we tend to think the guy was a coward "He took the easy way" we say, I think that is not true, I think those guys deserve a lot of credit, I wouldn't know how to even get started with that. How do you do it?

I could shoot myself in the head, but I'd need a gun, and I don't know how to get a gun, in Spain you have to get through a lot of bureaucracy to get one (In the US they sell them in Walmarts but here is different)and once you get one you must use it right. What if you shoot yourself in the wrong place and end up being a vegetable? I could also cut my veins, but where exactly? In the movies they always cut the arm, and they always fail. You can jump out of a window you may say, I live in the country, the highest building here has two stories. Then the one about the toaster in the shower wouldn't work either, the wire doesn't reach my tub, and I highly doubt my poor electric conection could kill a fly. You can always hang yourself you sure thinking, How dude? You have to make that professional knot, find a good rope, a hook or something, hanging yourself is probably the hardest one.

Then we have the letter part. What do you write on those? You explain your reasons? You make a biography? How long should it be? You send it or just leave it at home? Too many questions man... When you want to kill yourself and you find out you don't know how, that would probably get you more depressed and would make your will of killing yourself bigger, and that would put you in a curl. Suicide is a very hard thing, that's why we should give a lot of credit to the ones who achieve it. Suicidal people have a lot of merit.

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  1. Suicide is a selfish act for the most part, whether you think is courageous or not. There might be times when it is appropriate, but few circumstances justify it.