Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pope Star

The Pope and all of his toys (you gotta love the Popemobile)are in Spain, and of all places he decided to come to Galicia. The excitement and nervousness has been huge among the religious fanatics, while the non religious people have been annoyed and pissed. A traveling Pope always comes with quite a hefty pricetag (around six millions euros in cost), but you know, seeing the closest thing we have to God has never been cheap.

The guy is a star though, he came, gave his concert, played his most famous hits like "The Lord´s player" and "Hail Mary", made people go crazy, probably screwed a couple young groupies behind the stage, and left for his next stop. What a life he has, dressed with those extravagant clothes, flying in private jets, crusing around in his bomb proofed personal car. The media couldn't talk about anything that wasn't the Pope this week, they were so absorbed that there were a few fires and murders that actually went unreported in the news. He is clearly the most important person in the world, he is a real hero. His unique achievement in life is simply being the Pope.

He talked about the poor people for a while, and I think it was very appropriate, talking about that issue while wearing a gold-covered crown, living in a gold-covered palace. But poor people were crying tears of hope with his visit, just having the opportunity of seeing him made their day, possibly their year. He is just the visible head of a very profitable and successful bussiness, he is the Pope Star.

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