Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hello! How are you doing? Don't kill me please

Jogging is healthy, I think all of us agree on that. I've lived very few times in the US, but I could see how many people do jogging there, it's like a religion, every one finds the time in their day to go out with their ipod and get some exercise. I find that very nice.

I walk my dog everyday, so I do jogging. I have to say I have the honor of being the first inhabitant of my village to be a jogger, I'm actually the first person there who said the word jogging. I run or walk around the forest, I actually live in the forest, but when I run or walk (walk) I go to the part without houses, one with some mountains, it's fun. There are several trails, nobody is around, no noises. I usually run into wild animales like horses, cows or wild boars, but they are fine. If you just ignore them they ignore you.

The most uncomfortable situation is when once or twice in a month, I bump into a human being. There are a lot of miles of forest, nobody walks on it, but there are exceptions sometimes. When you see the guy coming (always dudes, and scary ones) you get nervous, it's silly, but true, you thought you were alone, you behaved like you were alone, but now you realize you aren't, one person is walking in your direction. You know you have to say hello, when you find another person in a huge empty place, not saying hello is worse than spitting in his face. Then, when the closer is getting the guy, the more you think about how alone you guys are, and how easy it would be for one of us killing the other and getting away with it. I mean, you can scream, but no one would hear you, you are totally at his mercy, so if you run into a serial killer you are screwed. That's why these one or two times per month I find someone in the forest I tell him with a kind smile: "Hello! How are you doing? Don't kill me please" And then I keep jogging.

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