Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sponge vs Bar of soap

Life is about decisions, choices. I want to talk about one of the toughest today. Whether using a sponge or a bar of soap in the shower. Well, I know in the States the bars of soap are the most usual, and I used to don't understand why, until I tried it.

The sponge is nice, you can reach isolated spots, is easy to manage, hard to drop and it's even soft and sweet, but you have to put a lot of soap on it, two charges per shower, that is not okay, and the soap is like very ephemeral, I don't feel absolutely cleanness with it I may say.

In the other hand, bars of soap are more slippery, easier to drop and not as manageable as sponges. But I have to say I made the change to them, once you try the bar is like a completely new experience, the cleanness feeling is huge, amazing, maybe it's harder to use, not as soft, but I think bars of soap are better than sponges. Don't you think?


  1. Anonymous11/11/10

    It always depends on your situation, you would never use the bar soap in the prison showers...

  2. Anonymous12/11/10

    That soap is just too slippery, I rather use the sponge, sensually wiping myself, letting my imagination fly.