Thursday, November 4, 2010

People dying makes me hungry

When my grandma was dying, I went several times to the hospital to visit her and reward with my company, all those amazing soups, tasty stews and awesome desserts she gave me in the past. In that hospital I witnessed the most disturbing thing ever seen.

In my grandma's room there were three beds. One for her, another for an old lady in her last days too, and then the last one was for a 15 year old anorexic girl. Seeing that situation, I had to ask a doctor why they would put that poor girl in the same room with two dying old ladies. He told me that it was just part of her treatment "Every anorexic is in a room with two dying old people so they know what is life about"

I think that is absolutely insane, my grandma passed away in less than a week, the other lady one day after her, the 15 year old anorexic girl had to be like four months in that room. I calculate she could witness 25 deaths in her stay in that hospital. More madness, when someone died they let the dead body in the room, so when I left that hospital the anorexic girl was watching TV with my dead grandma and a old lady who would die that very same night. My cuestion is: What the fuck are they doing in that hospital? What are they thinking? Do they actually believe that those poor anorexic people are going to start eating because everybody around is dying? What do they expect? That the anorexics tell them: "You were right Doctor, people dying makes me hungry"

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  1. JJ, I wish you could understand the therapeutic extremes we have to go to for the benefit of our patients...