Wednesday, November 3, 2010

That's it, I'm getting myself pregnant tonight

Have you ever thought how would the world be if we were hermaphrodite? If any men or women could impregnate themselves any moment they want? How would that be like? Would there be more or less children in the world?

I think it depends, if we could get pregnant any time we masturbate, the overpopulation would be the main problem in our society, but if we just could get ourselves pregnant any time we want to, there would be less kids for sure. Men or women wouldn't need each other for anything (there would only be one gender) or maybe we would, if we kept our two genders and could have sex, but worhtless sex, just pleasure but not reproduction, the world would be awesome. Don't you think?

Just by changing that thing, our world would be completly different, our social relations and interactions would change a lot. Our life would be really weird and disturbing. Just imagine that guy with a fine work and with his own department lying in his bed with troubles to sleep while feeling lonely thinking: "That's it, I'm getting myself pregnant tonight"

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