Friday, November 12, 2010

Mmm check out how ugly is that one

Every time I walk in the street I see a lot of hot girls, if I go to a shop, I see a lot of hot girls. If a go around a church, I see a lot of hot girls, if I turn on my TV I see a lot of hot girls. Everywhere is full of hot girls right now. There are a lot of hot girls, we live surrounded by them, and that's not okay.

There is so much amount of hot girls now that I'm honestly starting to feel attracted to the ugly ones, it's so hard to find one, they are so cute going all alone while nobody but me is looking at them. In the past being hot was the difference, now is the rule, the difference is being ugly, and men are attracted to the difference, not the rule.

The ugly ones are smarter because they need that to survive, funnier because of the same reason, smiling doesn't open doors for them, they have to struggle in life, they are more prepared for everything. I know they hate the hot ones, but it's jut a matter of time that changes. Maybe I'm the first one who starts feeling attracted to the ugly women instead of the pretty hot ones, but I assure you I won't be the last one. Pretty soon all of us will be saying: "Mmm check out how ugly is that one"


  1. Completely agree JJ, you go for the ugly ones, I'll keep fighting for the other ones...

  2. Anonymous12/11/10

    There are no ugly women JJ, we are all beautiful in our own ways.