Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just pick a masseuse

Masseuses are the best girlfriends possible, doesn't matter how they look or how interesting they are, any time you want it, you get a free massage. Sex is cool, but let's face it, a sex-massage combo is the coolest option possible.

You are watching TV lying on your couch while someone is giving you an amazing massage in your head, a pro massage! That is heaven dude. Who cares she is fat or bald? She is a woman and she has the skills to have you relaxed all the time. In fact, the uglier she is the luckier you are, you won't have any competition, the massuses are very underestimated in our society yet, and since she is ugly she'll want to reward you with one awesome massage everytime you ask for it.

So, forget about supermodels or sex symbols, I bet they don't know how to give massages, and if they do they probably don't want to give them away. She can be blonde, dark-haired or brunette. Whether she is fat or thing, pretty or ugly, young or old, just pick a masseuse my friend.


  1. Anonymous2/11/10

    I can tell you that doesn't work that way my friend... at blacksmiths' house, wooden knife ;)

  2. I guess I shouldn't post the one about the porn actress girlfriend then...