Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween in Spain

When I was a kid Halloween in Spain just existed within English classes. No one was interested in that celebration, we have the Carnival, which is pretty much the same. But we live under the clutches of capithalism, and it covers everything. Gradually in Spain the shopping malls started selling and promoting Halloween costumes and stuff. The media started talking about how great Halloween is (using that smart trick of saying something is already happenning when it isn't. If you say everybody is doing something, everybody starts doing something like idiots) and right now, for more or less five years, we celebrate Halloween like one of our most famous celebrations in the year.

I find this sad and annoying, the other day three girls bad dressed with indefinable costums, came to my home and said: "Truco o trato" That crap doesn't make any sense in Spanish, it's a too literally translation. I didn't give them anything but my mother did (She is American) we don't have Halloween culture, when a bunch of stupid kids arrive to some random home, they usually won't get anything but questions: "What did you say about a treatment?" "Who are you again?" "Why are you people in my house?"

I asume this Halloween bullshit is unstoppable already, this war is defeated, media always wins. I just find funny that in Spain people is imitating this traditional American custom and they don't know what for. I'm from a Celt land, Galicia is Celt, so it is Halloween, but I don't care, we've never done this before, we don't even know how doing it. Witnessing it is really sad. The only ones winning here are the ones selling costumes and some other Halloween stuff to the retarded Spaniards, and believe me, we can be very good at sports, but at being retarded no one can beat us.

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