Monday, November 8, 2010

This guy you are with, the one named God, isn't advisable, sweetie

I witnessed a lot of crazyness around me these last few days. Maybe I'm the crazy one, not them. People waking up early, traveling hundreds of miles and waiting for hours to see some guy dressed in white passing by in his transparent car without even stopping. People with a shaken gesture screaming things like: "¡Papa amigo, España está contigo!" (Pope, friend, Spain is with you!)

And I think that is why love to God is pretty much the same than love to a couple. You think everything he does is perfect, you think he is the best, you are blinded. And when I witness this behaviour I feel bad, because you can't do anything to open her (or his) eyes. It's like that friend of yours dating a really bad ass, whatever you tell her only will put her against you, she will refuse everything you say that she doesn't want to hear, her love is perfect and that's it.

And let's face it, What could we do? What can we tell them? "Hey, that guy you are going out with doesn't seem someone you can trust in, he doesn't even show himself honey" "I know he is very famous and successful, I just think loving someone who never calls you back is weird" "I don't envy you buddy, I just said all those tales they tell you about him don't seem very real to me" "Allow me an advice my friend: If you have to die to meet him he isn't worth it at all" "You are just one more of millions, he is very promiscuous Don't you see that?" "I'm sorry but he is just with you for your money, How many times did you give him some? How many times did he give it back to you?" "Just face it, this guy you are with, the one named God, isn't advisable, sweetie"

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