Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The afterlife

I think everybody thinks a lot about this matter. I have to confess that I'm not obsessed about death, but rather curious about it. It is like the end of a movie, whether it's good or bad you want to know how it ends. I want to know who is right, if the religious people or the sane people, if there is a heaven for our spirit or if we are just a dish for the warms.

Death is a rush, something that when takes place near us affects us a lot, it get us nervous, introspective, weak... when it shows up near us it is like a reminder, "I'm still here, waiting for you". But then time goes by and we forget about death again, and I think it's normal, we can't be thinking about death all the time, it would be crazy. There is no question we will die, but it would be better if it just comes as a surprise, without having to dwell on it or suffer for years.

But let me tell you about a little unscientific theory that I have about the afterlife. It is not that I actually believe it, but I think it is a posibility. Our brain is brilliant, I think most people agree on that, it has millions of years of evolution under its belt. What if our brain had developed some sort of self-defense mechanism against death? What if our brain an instant before shutting down forever had the skills to induce our conscience into a dream?

Think about it, my English is too weak to explain this kind of things yet, but just make an effort to imagine yourself dying, your brain knowing it and protecting you (your conscience) by inducing you in an infinite timeless dream. It is a mystery to science how our brain works, how it turns electricity into thoughts, colors, feelings...etc. Why wouldn't be it able to keep working even though it doesn't exist anymore? We dream because our brain needs to be working all the time, if it stops it doesn't start anymore according to science, that's why our dreams are so lame, they are produced by one tiny part of our brain, a few tiny parts actually, but the point is that dreaming is cheap, if real life is Play Station 3 dreams are game boy... Not much scenarios to load.

Maybe our brain can put our conscience in a limited and simple scenario with only a few characters who we would be giving different personalities like we do in our bed time dreams. Our life would be over, our body would be incinerated or decomposed, but our conscience would be hanging out in some imaginary place with imaginary people forever. And if it happens to be a good dream this theory would be awesome, but I don't even want to imagine an infinite nightmare.

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