Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Google sucks!

Don't you think? This company must be full of idiots. Of course they have a lot of money, but money is money, not intelligence. The internet has given a lot of money to geeks. If it wasn't for the internet, if this idea of connecting all the computers would have never worked, those millionaries would be serving burguers, I'm pretty sure.

Think about it, two guys from Stanford who probably had problems to get dates, made this engine for their university website and a couple of years later they were billioners. Why didn't you or me make such thing? Why them? Well, I was a boy in 1998, and you... well, you know your reasons I guess. So, What is my problem? Why I'm saying they are idiots? Just look around man, look the ads they put or let put on blogs... Are intelligent the people who is putting this ads in my blog? I think they are not, I think they are idiots.

If someone writes in his blog about women's rights, Google will put ads about: "Browse singles now" (African dating and singles). If someone decides to write about hunger and the third world, Google will put different ads: "Browse singles now" (Filipino dating and singles). If someone writes about how much he hates religion, Google will put all kind of ads like: "Scientology" (Who I am? What is my future?... Ahhh!) "Who is the Antichrist?" (Click and see..) Really Google? I don't even want to imagine what crap will they put in this post, but I bet it will be something stupid, because they are idiots, because Google sucks!

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  1. Anonymous26/10/10

    Good one pal, I see you followed my advice.. je je