Monday, October 18, 2010

What color is your blue?

We tend to think that the world is exactly like we see it, that our point of view is the correct and the rest of people are wrong. And doing that is completely nuts, I think the world is not even close like we recieve it, all the colors, the smells, the noise... all of that is made up by our brain.

If we could see just what it is we would see trillions of cells and atoms, a huge mass of little things connected to each other and moving all over the place. I think our brain is a filter that becomes that mass in a complex selection of colors and forms. But every brain is unique.

We have our own filter, so it's very probable that everyone of us perceieves the world in a different way, very similar because we are very similar, but our reception could have some significants and amusing diferences. For example, everybody knows that the sky is blue, the blood is red and the grass is green, that is communal to all of us.

But how do we know if my blue and your blue are the same color? Who doesn't tell you that my blue is your red? They taught us since we were little kids that the grass is green, that is universal to all of us, the perception of that color green isn't. If we switched brains for a moment we probably will flip out when we saw a red sky, green blood and blue grass for example.

How can we think we have the absolute truth when we don't even know how the world exactly is? Why is it so difficult to walk in another's shoes? Next time you think someone is an idiot and is very mistaken and you are so right and smart, or next time you see Hail Mary on the top of a mountain, just think for a moment and try to answer this question: What color is your blue?

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