Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shy people are discriminated against

Don't you think? Shy people are very misundestood in our society and they are pretty excluded as well. People don't trust them, they say things like: He left without even say goodbye, that dude is an ass or: I saw her in the street and she didn't even stoped and chated, she is so full of herself

Shy people don't avoid talking to you because they think they are better or you suck (Maybe this happens sometimes too but is not the most common) they can't, they have like a wall to climb before tell you something, that wall is called confidence. And just for the record, telling to a shy person to not be shy doesn't work in their confidence, it makes it worse. Would you tell to a black or an indian to stop being black or indian?

The members of this discriminated community that I'm most worried about are the kids, they seem to be lonely, but when you break their wall and find the real person behind they are just normal fine kids and usually even more interesting than regular kids because of their huge imagination. I spent hours playing with a shy three year old who claimed that his yard was the ocean and we were fishes. If instead of being patient with him I had just done what most of us do and just forget about the kid thinking that he was a nut or he wasn't worth it I would have missed I great kid.

Don't discrimate shy people dude, they are easy to locate, once you find one just respect and ignore the shyness until it goes away, that won't take that long


  1. Anonymous19/10/10

    There is no place in this world for shy people, they just get ran over and thrown to the curb...

  2. I used to be shy, but I have learnt my lesson now. :)