Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't get a Golden Retriever my friend

I like dogs, I think they are a great animal, but they come with responsabilities. You have to raise them, take care about them, feed them, play with them, walk them...etc. I honestly like doing all those things, my problem is my dog doesn't pay me any attention, he manages me like he wants.

And that's because of his beauty, I have a Golden retriever, that is a famous breed for its beauty and intelligence. They have this extremly sad gesture that makes me impossible to telling him off no matter what he does. He is totally barbarian, out of control. He makes me feel like the worst human being when I take my car, he tries to get in, I don't let him and I leave without him, I drive and feel like if I've killed somebody.

When we talk about food is even worse, the dog is fat, I won't lie to you... But just understand me man, I can't deny food to those sad eyes! I think he is so smart that he does all that on purpose, this is his strategy, he is really mean, Goldens retriever are mean. Don't get a Golden retriever my friend...

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