Sunday, October 24, 2010

Honey, I love you at the moment

I don't have anything against marriage, I think it's wonderful that two people love each other enough to spend their whole time together. But who do we want to fool here? Everyone has like a million people who could spend the life with, is just chance what joins us, maybe conformism and society pressure too.

I find very interesting that almost everytime a member of a couple experiments a big change in life, let's call it fame, huge promotion or lottery for example, that couple is done, that true love flyes away with prittier people or money. How many couples are still arguing about who owns that winning lottery ticket they bought holding hands, smiling very hopeful and so in love?

I think true love (calling that: soul mates, only one person for each one...etc.) just exists within ignorance. In the other hand, marriage love and respect (calling that: two people working as a team) exists and works, but just in some particular escenarios, those relationships can go away in any moment, any big change can end with the team inevitably. And that's why we should say to our partners: Honey, I love you at the moment


  1. Anonymous25/10/10

    A little cynical, but not too far off... Ha Ha

  2. Interesting! But can't the words 'I love you' just imply at the moment? No need to say "I love you forever and ever', because anyone who has loved knows this to be impossible. People drink in Hope like water; a double edged sword. :-)