Thursday, October 14, 2010

I wish I was them

The world has been paralyzed lately, everybody was watching how 33 miners from a country named Chile were being rescued. I have to say I'm happy for them, know that people have survived from a tragedy is always pleasant. But honestly, I don't admire them at all... Why are they heros? All over I'm listenning how brave they are, what an example of comradeship they are, that they are heros. I don't want to be a wet blanket but... What were their options?

I'll tell you: whether heros or villein. What could they do? Or hold on and wait for the rescue like they did, or kill each other and themselves. Don't get me wrong, I'm not attacking the miners, they didn't call themselves heros after all. I'm attacking the media, it made them so famous, so brave, so heros, and now they are so screwed.

This mine's collapse is being used as a great business, for everybody but the miners. Yeah, they will win more money telling their story than would've won working their whole lives. But what's next? Will we remember any of those guys a year after the movie based on them isn't in the theaters any more? Are 33 humble miners going to asume well being madly famous for a couple weeks and then being nobody again? Does the media care about that? Do we know anything about the survivors of the plain crash in the Andes? Do we know how are they now? Do you think they are very happy people now? I heard most of them are not.

They sell us stories and we buy them like idiots, they manage us easily like they want. How come millions of people were worried for 33 miners and then hopefull and really happy for them, and those very same millions didn't give a shit of the more or less two thousand Chinese miners who died this same year? Is this coherent? Were there a lot of politicians hugging the Chinese victim's relatives like they did in Chile? Have a lot of politicians talked about and gave their support to the Chineses? Of course not, there weren't good photos and votes in China.

That's the reason why when I see this kind of things in this world we're living I just want to buried myself alive hundreds of yards under exactly like the Chilean miners were. I wish I was them!

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  1. Anonymous15/10/10

    Welcome to our incongruent and hypocritical world...