Monday, October 25, 2010

Life's videogame

I like video games, I think they are amusing and fun, but I can't understand how some people spend so much time on those, particularly the life-like ones such as the Sims for example. Sometimes I think life is the best video game possible, and some people are not playing it enough.

Just think about it, picture a video game where you move yourself, with a huge beautiful scenery, where you can interact with other players and even love them. With a great video quality, free, surprising, with great stages and challenges, life is the greatest videogame possible, the dream of any player. You just need to get to know your avatar good enough, how it moves, how it thinks, where is its limit, what are its goals. In regular video games the first thing we always do is to push all the buttons to check how it goes, in this one I think we should do something pretty similar as well. Check ourselves before start playing.

Of course it has problems: Only one life, one mistake or an accident and you are done, our acts have consecuences, we can feel pain, our movements are limited, we have to spend time looking for survival (money), but other than that, I think this video game is pretty awesome. I think all of us should make the most of it and have fun before the "Game Over" sign shows up in our screen.

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  1. Nice comparison. One life is a lil bit scary though. :)