Friday, October 15, 2010

Reactions to Sofia's airport

I took the plane in Madrid and headed to Skopje, but I had a scale in Bulgary's capital: Sofia. The plane was not full, but there was a lot of people, everything seemed normal. I took off and found myself in a small airport, really small, it was like a mall, and all the people left the mall at some point.

I had like nine hours ahead until my plane takeoff, and everybody in that airport disapeared, literally. I thought I must take a cab and go around Sofia for awhile, but as soon as I step foot outside the airport all the taxi drivers approached me thirsty of my money and I decided that Sofia could wait, I just would go to look for a bar and get myself a little drunk.

I boarded nine hours before my plane's departure and found out that the terminal of departures was even emptier than the part of the airport with the check in's desks and the disgusting taxi drivers in the door.

I found some kind of bar, it was like a beach's refreshment stall. There was a waitress not atractive, a waiter playing with a computer and a fifty year old male customer drinking a beer and using his laptop. I ordered a big beer and tried to get drunk quickly so time would past faster and the waitress would become prettier.

But when my beer was yet in its half, my plan changed. I gorgeous girl came to the bar, ordered some suspicious sandwhich and sat right by my side. That kind of thinks usually don't happen to me, for some reason I'm always surrounded by ugly people. Both of us knew we were condemned to become friends, so gane her simpathies wasn't a hard thing to do. I offered to buy her a drink, getting drunk in an empty airport seemed a better idea with a gorgeous girl than alone, but she didn't want alcohol, despite she had eleven hours ahead until her flight. The truth is she was amazing, she had this impressive Lebanon beauty, mixed with a Parisian look, spoke English, French, Arabic and she was only eighteen.

We talked to the fifty year old, I tried to begin a conversation before but he didn't pay me any atention, but when the hot chick was by my side I suddenly became the dude's best friend or something. He wouldn't stop talking, he was the couch of Netherland's national team of some sport I didn't know, the girl neither. After half an hour or so he left, I don't know where, but he kissed the girl's hand recalling her how pretty she was and gave me a look that said: I wish I was you lucky bastard!

And then we spent nine hours together in an empty airport, just me, her, a few waiters working in this almost bars they had, there were three, all of them looking exactly the same, and even more disturbing, the waiters and waitress looked the same as well, that airport was like a source of parallel dimensions and I was trapped in the midle. We boarded and unboarded like five times in the nine hours, the people in the "security control" (Mcdonald's have more security than that airport) were very amused by us going through the metal detector several times in an afternoon.

There were some Arabics around the airport and sometimes they came to talk and find an explanation about what the hell was going on in that empty airport, but we didn't have it. The funny thing is that I'm getting a lot of this lately, once in Austria I took a train with a friend and we were the only passengers, every single sit was empty, then I found myself in an empty airport for nine hours in Sofia and once in Skopje I went to a mall to watch Robin Hood and when the movie ended there was nobody in the mall, just the ones who were watching the movie. Is people avoiding me? I think they do.

Maybe the reason is that I always put ten stupid options at the end of everything I say or write, so, just to keep people away from me I will keep doing it, these are some reactions to Sofia's airport:

1/ Scream until someone came (Didn't work)

2/ Sit down and watch Mtv's videoclips (Just could endure two minutes)

3/ Beg the Holland national coach to teach me everything about his sport and make me the best player in its history (Whatever it was)

4/ Get married with the Lebanon girl (Have kids and raise them in that airport)

5/ Start a revollution in Bulgary beginning by take control of their capital's airport (Piece of cake)

6/ Get drunk and imagine that I'm with one of the prettiest women I've ever met (Done!)

7/ Ask for a eight hours in a lifetime job (That's more than you can take here in Spain)

8/ Sleep and make time go by faster (With all those Arabics around me?)

9/ Let a taxi driver rip me off and go to see Sofia (Just to check out if there was people in the streets or it was like the airport)

10/ Go every hour to take a dump to the bathroom (I don't know what happens to me in the airports man)

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