Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is it worth it?

Have you ever noticed how hard is getting successful? And being successful? If you want to catch your dreams you have to make a lot of sacrifices. Most of the athletes, actors, writers, singers...etc. always say in the interviews how hard was for them to reach their dream. And it seems true.

If you want to be more than it's expected, you have to work hard, make sacrifices, lose some experiences, for example, most of the athletes didn't have a normal adolescence, they couldn't go party like the others, they missed a lot of things because they had to train a lot. If you want to be a writer you can't go out everyday and never write, you have to write a lot, if you want to be a singer you have to sing a lot, that makes you better.

You can't complain if you are a failure and you didn't do anything to not being it. Some people find consolation in blaming something or someone else. And they may be right, if you blame an injury, the bad luck or the society you don't blame youself and you can live with yourself, but that is only that... a consolation.

When you make the sacrifices, you work hard, you take your oportunity and you become successful... What's next? Well, if you are really good at something, they will make you so famous you won't be able to live, and if you are just a regular one you probably will keep fighting to be the best, if you make it you'll be famous and won't be able to live, if you don't make it you'll feel like a failure again.

All the sacrifice, all that people left behind, all that struggle and desperation, all that time fighting and waiting your oportunity and What for? To live a life you can't live because of your gift, to be a failure because there's people better than you in your thing. At the end... Is it worth it? If you have to think the answer you have already answered.

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  1. Anonymous16/10/10

    Well, I think there is always a middle ground. You can be successful in achieving simple goals in life, being independent, having financial freedom, and doing things your way. Money or fame are just two measures of success (the ones that societies tend to highlight), but those are meaningless in the absence of happiness and a sense of fulfillment.