Sunday, October 17, 2010

The magic equation

Like everyone I guess, I usually think about the third world. How is it possible for us to live in such an unequal world? All the excess of the first world and all the destitution of the third. I find amazing that most of the people asume that with normality, like if it was necesary to be this way. But who should feel sorry for who in here? In the first world our children are fat and capricious, in the third world the children are undernourished and smiling.

It's obvious that this unequal situation is a result of the colonialism and imperialism, that is very recent yet and the countries which sufered slavery or genocide couldn't develop and they fell into extrem poverty. And we live in a very competitive world where the countries compite against each other, the problem is some of them drive Ferraris and most of them ride bicycles. And yes, sure the ferraris help the bicycles sometimes... But do they do it enough?

I think every person has a couple of primarly needs that should be undeniable: Nutrition, education, medical access, clothes, security and housing. Everyone should have these needs covered. A place to live and shelter of the bad weather, clothes to wear to be protected of the cold or humidity or whatever, an education to be more peaceful and awareness of the world, food to eat and water to drink to be able to live, a medical access to be cured when they have a curable disease and protection to feel safe.

The doubt is if all this needs could be covered in this time we're living, I'm pretty sure they are. Is it ethical to live in a world of excess when there is a world of lacks right by our side? Do we really need to send all those rockets to the space in stead of building farms, schools or hospitals? Is this Ferraris and bicycles race fair? Or should we stop the race and with the materials of the Ferraris and bicycles make equal automibiles?

What result do you think this equation has? Weath/population = x

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