Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My hero is Adolf Hitler

Most of people hate Hitler, he was an evil racist murderer despot invader. Some people worship him due to their ignorance or aim to be part of a social group, but the normal thing is to hate this character. If someone asks me who do I admire the most and I answer "Adolf Hitler" that someone would think I'm nuts, nazi or evil.

So... How come that very same someone would find me interesting if I answer that I admire "Genghis Khan" "Julio Cesar" "Napoleon" or "Hernán Cortés" for example? I had even teachers who worshiped "Alejandro Magnum" Weren't they evil racist murderer despot invaders? Does it mean that in a hundred of years teachers will be worshiping Hitler like we do now with all those other characters? Would be streets in the future named over Adolf Hitler? Because there are streets named over "Hernán Cortés" or "Francisco Pizarro" where I live. Is Hitler going to be a great hero in the future?

I think that is not fair, we shouldn't be raising that kind of people, they were bad people, they don't deserve to be heros just because a lot of time has passed by. We must study them due to their importance of course, but worshiping them... come on man. Do you want your great-grandson saying: "My hero is Adolf Hitler"?


  1. Anonymous20/10/10

    Cheer up, 2000 years from now you might be remembered as the second coming of Jesus Christ... Time seems to have that effect on how people are remembered. It starts at funerals and then it all goes downhill from there...

  2. Yup, right. They were wrong, but I guess, the best example they can be passed off as might be "They were great leaders". However, the things they did were horrendous, but they had a great following.But really, they should not be admired. However, they make our boring history books interesting. :D

  3. Anonymous27/11/11

    Hitler will never be admired. There are hundreds of books about what happened in the Holocaust and in WW2. These books can't be forgotten. Many children study them. Even the Concentration Camps were preserved, and German High Schoolers must visit them. They are kept so no one can say, "Oh, it wasn't that bad". They are kept so we won't forget. Hitler will NEVER be admired.He will NEVER be a hero. Nothing he did was in any way heroic. He was racist and cruel. He was ignorant. People need to understand other religions, races, and cultures so they can accept them, and there can be peace. HITLER IS EVIL.

  4. Anonymous2/4/13

    i think Hitler was a hero. yes he was racist, but he was a patriot. my whole family tree comes from Germany so i believe watever people in Germany believe that is right. so im sorry, but Hitler is NOT evil. he is MY hero and if you disagree, well then no one asked u to hate differences or different beliefs other people think of.

    1. Anonymous2/11/13

      Same here brother, amen.

  5. Anonymous14/7/13

    I just did a piece on Hitler, a great man.

  6. Anonymous2/8/13

    I agree there were many who were like Hitler in alot of ways but no one can doubt he was a great leader not only did he bring Germany off its feet but he made it a worldpower and yes the holocaust was bad but then again many Germans blamed them for what happened to Germany after ww1 since they were the bankers the lawyers etc or it could of been religious and France got what they deserved for the treaty of Versailles also Hitler only wanted the land Germany lost and why do people only remember Germany during the invasion of Poland did everyone forget the soviet Union was also involved or that the alies also did some terrible things after you look at all these points Hitler doesn't seems all crazy racist invading dictator now does he

  7. You make a good point, the same goes here in the U.S. Kids go around wearing Che Guevara not knowing that he executed thousands of Cubans without due process. Or people who admire Mao Zedong (Both Che and Zedong were students of Marx) who by estimates starved and killed over a million of his people. All of this is ignorance or admiration by mind numb or power hungry people.

  8. Anonymous19/4/14

    Okay now hitler was responsible for 6 million deaths I personally think he is evil but I also think he was a great leader if you can get get that many people to beliveJews are evil you got to be a pretty great leader so what he did to those people were wrong but that was around 84 years ago so stop worrying about the past and look to the present because if you don't well you will be talking to crazy people over the internet