Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Don't be afraid of water

Water means life, we can't live without it. So, How come we are so afraid of it? I´ve seen people running away faster from water than from death. And I don't mean floods or whichever natural disaster related with water. I mean water.

People walking in the street happily... it starts rainning and everybody panics, you hear screams, fear, chaos... Why? Is just water my friend. I little boy or a regular idiot with a hose in his hands trying to be cool or funny splashing everybody, people around panic, run away fast as hell. I understand that getting wet if you have an appointment is something to avoid, but still dude... Run away while screaming with a look of fear in your eye? Isn't it a little bit of an exaggeration?

Don´t be afraid of water, there are a lot or worse things that can happen to you than getting wet. Regular rain doesn't kill, trust me. Next time you are walking in the street and it starts rainning just keep walking, you'll see how you survive

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