Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just let us go for God sakes!

Have you ever thought about how hard is leaving a place? Everybody has a little kidnapper inside, and I think this nonsense must come to an end. You are at someone's house, you decide you are bored already and you want to go some place else, but you can't, they won't let you go.

You always need a strong excuse to be able of leaving: "I have to catch a plane" "My grandpa is ill" "Police just called me, my house is on fire" But some friendly kidnapers would even find weak those excuses: "Can't you catch the next one? I bet you do... come on, stay a little longer!" "Your grandpa is a big boy, don't worry about him, he'll be fine..." "Bah! the police always exaggerating, grab another cookie! Do you want more coffee? Don't put that face, your house is perfectly fine, I'm sure!"

When you want to leave a place you feel awful, is like breaking a really bad new. You are there, with thoughts of leaving for almost an hour before mustering the courage to actually make the first move to reach freedom by saying you want to go. Of course the first reaction to your leaving attemp doesn't work, you get up, you say goodbye but that just means you guys are going to keep talking aside the door, there, so close of the goal, but so far at the same time, since hosts always lean on the door so they have the power, only they can open it.

The saddest thing is that the host is usually dying for you to go off his house. They are just being polite, you want to leave, he wants you to leave, but he doesn't let you because he wants to be a good host, and in this culture being a good host means being a kidnaper. Life is too short to be chit-chating in front of a closed door, please let's end with this madness. Hosts of the world: Just let us go for God sakes!


  1. Anonymous21/10/10

    Very funny... and so true

  2. Anonymous22/10/10

    That is very Spanish, does not happen here in the US... luckily, I guess.