Monday, October 11, 2010

Things you should know about the Balkans

I made a trip around the Balkans a couple months ago. I wrote a few posts about it but then my computer decided to host some virus and I lost everything (It wasn't a big lost, just more stupid posts of mine)

The place is great, but tricky, if you are thinking to go there let me give you some tips. These are some things you should know about the Balkans:

1/ They don't like to put paper in the toilets, and if they put it they don't allow to throw it by the toilet, you have to throw it in a trash can (Those trash cans are the most disgusting thing I've seen since my neighbour passed away)

2/ Serbians love Spaniards and hate Americans and Kosovans love Americans and hate Spaniards, only depending in their goverment's politics (Serbians and Kosovans agreed in something: Both hate me)

3/ Dudes love holding hands, kissing and hugging each other... But they are anty gay people (I felt like if I was in the Little Britain's gym locker room in those countries)

4/ Tha taxi drivers are like prostitutes (I guess some things are just the same everywhere)

5/ No matter what age, all women have huge breasts in there (It would be really awesome if wasn't for those poor little girls forced to carry all that weight in their backs)

6/ If you ask to an average Balkan, he will tell you that he speaks six or seven languages when they don't speak shit (Unless knowing how to say thanks and hello makes you a language speaker)

7/ You can put effort on explaining it, but they won't understand why the fuck are you visiting their country (Every single person asked me: - Why are you here? - Just travelling around - No seriously, Why you here?)

8/ Making a reservation in a train is worthless, worse than no making it. If you don't make a reservation you can choose the best sit, if you make a reservation you have to sit aside a broken window getting yourself wet and cold (Trains there are something else, I'll talk about them pretty soon)

9/ If you go to a barber he will do all type of crazy hearcuts in your head before doing what you asked for (And laugh about it)

10/ Gipsies are accepted in their sociaety (They are obviously too backward yet)

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